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Notebook-service services
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Notebook service with hardware problems:

Defective power jack

The power jack, in connection with the net part, supplies the notebook with stream and loads the accumulator. If the stream socket is defective the accumulator does not charge any more and the device cannot be used any more. Our notebook service will repair the defective stream socket or by a new one substituted.

Damage by liquids

Quick something runs sometimes in the notebook. With liquid damages it is awfully important not to switch on the notebook any more and to bring it to one of our engineers with the notebook service. It is a matter of avoiding secondary damages.

Professional cleaning

After some time the notebook is expressed and it develops strong heat. The reasons for this are dirtied components in the notebook which cannot optimally cool the device any more. The notebook should be cleaned by our notebook service professionally to preserve it from the heat death.

Defective display

One recognises a defective display by the fact that the picture is not correctly indicated any more. This means the colours, the contrast or the sharpness do not become clear any more and clearly indicated. It can also come to stripe in the picture. The display is exchanged with our notebook service.

Tuning with slow notebooks

A slow notebook irritates at the work. Their notebook needs a living cell cure. The armament of the main memory or the installation of a quicker hard disk by our notebook service can cause miracle.

Notebook service with software problems:

Installation and configuration of the operating system

Without operating system runs no computer. Our engineers instal and configure her operating system with our notebook service. We instal all drivers and deliver it ready for use.

Installation and configuration of e-mail accounts

Our engineers of the notebook service instal her e-mail software and furnish this. Whether Outlook or other e-mail programmes we are her contact.

Installation and configuration of office applications

All the same which office software you need, instal our engineers with the notebook service and furnish to you everything. They can get cracking immediately and as usual work.

Installation and configuration of application software

Properly it can be worked only if the necessary programmes on her notebook are installed. Our engineers of the notebook service help you to select this and furnish this after the installation for you.

Notebook service with the consultation / installation and servicing

Consultation by the purchase of new notebook, hardware and software

If you are unsafe which notebook is the right thing for you, we discuss you with the notebook service with pleasure and find with you a solution optimum for you.

Installation in the service of notebook, hardware and software

Our team with the notebook service provides for a free from problems company of her notebook and takes over the servicing of the device with pleasure for you. Our engineers stand firm the installed software and the necessary drivers always on the most topical.

Notebook service offers for you:

Data-rescue of your USB and internal hard disk, USB-Stick and memorycard

Notebook-Service-DatenrettungThe notebook service saves your data of every medium, whether customary hard disks, usb flash drives and every kind of memorycards. Our engineers analyse and inform you as quickly as possible.

Virus-removal: Trojan, worms, BKA, GVU...

Notebook-Service-ComputervirenQuick it has happened! Really everybody can catch viruses to itself, whether IT professional or a layman. With a possible virus infestation the notebook service is her competent contact. We remove the pests without remains from her system.

Error analysis / trouble shooting of your PC by notebook-service engineers

Notebook-Service-PC-ReparaturThe notebook service saves her data of every medium, whether customary hard disks, USB flash drives and every kind of memorycards. Our engineers analyse and inform you as quickly as possible.

Installation and configuration of your MACs by notebook-service engineers

Notebook-Service-Mac-ReparaturIs the Mac slow or does something not function any more like before? Then the notebook service is there. We look with pleasure after her problems with the Mac, whether on site in the notebook service centre. Our engineers are her contact.

Eroor analysis and configuration of your network and Internet

Notebook-Service-Netzwerk-EinrichtenThey would like to go for online, however, anyhow the technology as well as you does not want to want. The notebook service furnishes to them her network and her internet connection. A short phone call in our service centre and one of our engineers is in the twinkling of an eye with you at home.

Installation of your telephone system and phones by notebook service engineer

Notebook-Service-Telefonanlage „No connection at this number“, you hear no dialling tone. The notebook service furnishes their telephone system and her phones with pleasure for you. Simply contact our engineers and we are fastest possible on site.

Configuration and trouble shooting on your server by notebook service engineer

Notebook-Service-Server-EinrichtenThey expect from a server that he functions easily and works in the background reliably. Their competent notebook service engineer furnishes to you her server, and everything instal what to functioning server surroundings heard.

Customer reviews:

Klaus Heinzelmann

After a crash, my notebook cannot start any more. The Computer-Rettungswagen has fast helped me and I could work after two days again with my notebook. I would bring my notebook again with problems there.

Claudia Krug

Absolutely top! My notebook was really slow and I had no notion what this lies with. They said me there that to my notebook a memory was broken and exchanged him. Went really fast.